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:2 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

eric's "fly CD" [20 Dec 2009|07:17pm]

hey all -- i'm fairly new here, and i haven't properly posted yet. so here i am. *waves*

anyway, i recently tracked down a copy of eric's "fly CD," being an album entitled bombthreat: before she blows by a band called, well, fly. it's been out of print for some time, it seems, so i've made the audio files available via torrent and megaupload (as a zipped file).

details are here, on my journal, along with all the lyrics (typed from the lyric sheet with the CD).


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:1 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

10 years people! [20 Apr 2009|02:33pm]

[ mood | drained ]

IN memory of all 15 lives lost that day.

:1 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[14 Apr 2009|06:34pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]


This site is such unbelieveable Bullshit! God I hate when people assume they know what happened. I've researched this for 10 years, I talked to people who knew them, I've dug into this as far as you can possibly go without talking to Eric and Dylan themselves! Fucking Bullshit sites....

:3 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

Long time [28 Jul 2008|08:20pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

its been a long time since anyone has posted on here...been a long time since I've even visited here. Anyway just posting to those of you who might still check this...that I am alive...I do with this had turned out more popular than it did. And that altho its been so long Eric and Dylan are still remebered and not forgotten. 

:7 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[21 Jul 2005|04:01pm]

Please check out a community about Columbine that my friends and I have started. We hope that it will have a lot less judgement than other communities, where you can express your ideas freely without being condescended. To join the community, click here.

For more information, please read the user information. Thanks for checking it out, and we hope to hear from you.

:4 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

Myspace [15 Jan 2005|09:22pm]

hiyaZ! I used to be on here as xxraven_spitxx when i first started and just haven't felt like getting back on until now. Anyway, if any of you have a myspace account, I just created A group for all of the Columbine/Reb/VoDKa supporters.


just getting that out of the way *_*

Anyway, it's http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=groups.groupProfile&groupID=100150369 if you wanna go check it out. thanks.


:1 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[02 Oct 2004|05:29pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Hey whats up im overjoyed to find a community  that support eric harris and dylan klebold. I love you guys. Im very happy to find people that agree with them. I would have done the same ecxact thing that they did. They are the victims not anyone else. ok well im happy to be apart of this community.  um... yeah thats all i have to say for now.

:6 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[30 Sep 2004|08:51pm]
Hey guys, I just joined!

: Because I killed my classmate:

[11 Sep 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Happy birthday, VoDKa. Miss ya so much.

Olet mulle kaikki, mun suurin idoli, mun suurin esikuva. Ymmärrän sua ja sun halua kuolla. Ymmärrän sen, että te olitte enemmän kuin ihmisiä. Enemmän kuin he, jotka te tapoitte. Mä niin toivon olevani joskus samassa tilanteessa kuin te... Ikävöin. <3

:5 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

my petition... [30 Aug 2004|02:31pm]

Heyyyy I know it's off topic but could anyone who believes in this please do me a favor and sign my petition?

It's to deny Mark David Chapman (the man who murdered John Lennon) parole:


:13 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

Sun of a Gun [15 Aug 2004|03:34am]

[ mood | somewhat insane ]

Hey! I just joined this community! My name's Sid!


Ask and you will be added!


-Sid (Public Enemy Number One, Son of a Gun)

:1 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[06 Aug 2004|12:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I don't know if this is allowed but if it isn't then you may delete it and I apoligize in advance.

~Please come join the racheljoyscott community. I made it just yesterday so its still a bit under construction but I'm looking for members!:) Thanks..

:3 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

Hi... [29 Jul 2004|10:48am]

[ mood | happy ]

I've been into Columbine and Reb and VoDkA for about a year. I think what they did was absolutely right, and I respect them for what they did. I would have done exactly the same thing.

God, I'm glad I found people who think the same way. :)

:10 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[03 Jun 2004|03:12pm]
hey im new...im not sure why im joining but i was reading sum of the entries...and i totally agree with not saying it's right or ok wat they did but understadning they were ppl...and its just really blah cuz ive got so much shyt for saying sumthin in defence with them....when everyone else is against them thinking theyre monsters.. but im writing a paper in defence of them.....if anyone have any ideas please let me know.

:2 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

finally [03 Jun 2004|11:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm new here, but I just wanted to say that I am so glad I finally found other supporters of Eric and Dylan. I have been looking so long. I live in this really small town where everybody looks at me as if I was raving mad everytime I mention columbine. So, I just wanted to say that..

: Because I killed my classmate:

mm,.,. bored... new.... [28 May 2004|07:03pm]

[ mood | bored ]

mmm... nice... think we still need a 15not13 community dont ya think?? anyways atleast i do..so i'm gonna join it... Hope some of ya still post, i know the Reb and voDKa community says it all but i just think its starting to just be bitchfights and so on.. Although its changing now,oh well...
just hought i'd give it a shot and post...
cheers Christina.,.,.

:3 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

"thank you" [22 Apr 2004|05:57am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I am very glad to see some other supporters of Eric and Dylan. I live in a very small town in Kentucky and I have met very few that agree with my opinion. I have done many reports in school showing my opinion on the Columbine shooting, and I have been criticized for it. Just wanted to say "thank you" to those of you that were open-minded enough to see the other side of the story.

:2 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

[12 Apr 2004|07:16pm]


This site belongs to a friend of mine. It doesn't have much on it yet, but it will get better. I didn't see anything against whoring sites, so I didn't think you would mind. Once more things are added, it will be better.

: Because I killed my classmate:

lol Its all the same members from RebandVodka [09 Apr 2004|10:04pm]

Well, my name is Meghan as some of you should know. I have been interested in Columbine for about 2 years.

I definitely feel that Eric and Dylan were victims. I don't think the way that they treat their family and talk about them is fair. I'd like to see them talk to the kids that did shit to Eric and Dylan. Shine some light on that. They're the real killers. They're the ones that inspired Eric and Dylan to do something like that.

:4 Blamed The Media | Because I killed my classmate:

<3 Reb and VoDKa [07 Apr 2004|09:09pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I've been into the Columbine/H&D for awhile. People thought I was weird and were scared of me because I support Eric and Dylan.

I do not condone what they did, but I do believe they were victims as well. They were bullied every single day. I didn't know them personally or anyone who went to Columbine or was there on April 20, 1999, but I do have empathy and sympathize for their losses.

A lot of people don't understand how I or anyone else could support them, but they need to look more inside of it all. Dylan and Eric were somebody's babies. Think of their parents and what they went through. Not knowing what their kids were about to do and then losing them- something that happened all in one day.


All the *15* victims of 04/20/99


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